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Vader Ranch

The Vader Ranch is a beautiful ranch in the Cochetopa Valley, just 10 miles from Gunnison, Colorado. It is an authentic ranch with a long and productive ranching history. It has a fine set of ranch headquarters, lush, productive meadowlands, and a pristine and lengthy stretch of Cochetopa Creek to scratch your fishing bug. It is a place to ranch, but also to escape to, and relax on. A few deep breaths of the clean Rocky Mountain air and a few casts into the stream is all you will need to do to decompress here.

The ranch survey shows there are over 531 deeded acres including the highway right of way. The Gunnison County Assessor reports show there are 498 acres, more or less, excluding the highway right of way. 280+ acres are in irrigated hay meadow and pasture land and an additional 218+/- acres are in dry range pasture and headquarters. Leased BLM and National Forest grazing permits consist of thousands of acres of summer and fall pastures. The ranch manager estimates that the Vader Ranch produces between 500 and 550 tons of hay per year. The price of the Vader Ranch portion separately is $2,850,000.

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